B5T系列 人脸视觉组件(HVC-P2)

HVC incorporates ten different image sensing functions like Face recognition in an easy-to-mount and compact format to provide image sensing capability to various devices.

  • Choice of wide-angle type and long-distance type depending of detection distance or range needs.
  • Incorporates ten different image sensing functions used to recognize people's conditions.
"HVC" stands for "Human Vison Components".
Model 2D/3D CAD

Add sample code

  • Sample code for C#

Add sample code

  • Sample code for Android

Sample code (for C):Change to rev.3.0

  • Add to build environment corresponding to Linux
  • Unify sample code with and without STB library

Sample code (for python):Change to rev.1.2

  • Minor code changes

Change command specifications

  • Minor changes

Sample Code(for python):Change to rev.1.1

  • Added Face Recognition function.
  • Added setter/getter method for STB Library.
  • Correction (file name, class name, method name)
  • Added some comments
  • Minor code changes

Add sample code

  • Sample code for Python

Evaluation Software : Change to the rev.2.4.1

  • Bug fixes about Windows10.

Sample Code

  1. Make new documents, B5T-007001 Sample Code Instruction.
  2. Sample Code : Change to rev.2.0.1
    • Fixed incomplete result output part. (score output part of facial expression estimation)
    • Clarify licensing with sample Code as OSS position.
      Apply ApacheV2.
      Replace all header parts of source code.

USB Driver: Change to rev.1.1.0.

  1. Support to Windows8/10 and the certificate.
  2. Making the install instruction every OS.

Evaluation software: Change to rev.2.4.0.

  1. Addition: stabilization processing, full screen enlargement of preview screen.
  2. Correction: Communication problem with rev 2.2.0.
  3. Delete: Display ON / OFF function on preview screen.
  4. Evaluation Software Operating Instructions: revA-> revB.

Sample Code: Change to rev.2.0.0. Add two items below as offers.

  1. STBLib body
  2. Sample Code used the STBLib

1st Edition

Note: This web page provides an excerpt from a datasheet. Refer to Product Datasheet and other applicable documents for more information.

Ordering Information

Lens angle Model Packaging Minimum contents per box
Approximately 50 deg. (long-distance type) B5T-007001-010 Individual box 1 unit
B5T-007001-010-H Large box 50 units
Approximately 90 deg. (wide-angle type) B5T-007001-020 Individual box 1 unit
B5T-007001-020-H Large box 50 units


Item Rated values (standards)
Supply voltage 5 VDC ±10%
Consumption current Below 0.4 A
Operating temperature 0 to +50°C (no condensation or freezing)
Operating humidity Below 90% RH (no condensation or freezing)
Storage temperature -30 to +70°C (no condensation or freezing)
Storage humidity Below 90% RH (no condensation or freezing)


(Unit :mm)


  • Horizontal angle of view 50° / B5T-007001-010
  • Horizontal angle of view 90° / B5T-007001-020


  • Horizontal angle of view 50° / B5T-007001-010
  • Horizontal angle of view 90° / B5T-007001-020

Dimensions when mounted

  • Main board
    B5T-007001 Main board
  • Camera board
    B5T-007001 Camera board
Note: Do not install metallic parts for mounting on the shaded areas

Precautions for Safe Use

Observe the following precautions to prevent failure to operate and malfunctions, and to prevent adversely affecting the performance and function of the Product.

  • Store the Device at a temperature between -30 and +70°C and a humidity level below 90%.
  • Do not touch the board mounted parts with bare hands. Discharge any static electricity from the user before use.
  • Take proper measures against static electricity by using an antistatic wrist strap, etc. before handling the Product.
  • Make sure to properly ground the connector's earth terminal in order to prevent malfunction due to noise.
  • Do not use the Product in places where the surrounding temperature goes above the rating range.
  • Do not use the Product in a location where it would be subjected to direct sunlight.
  • Do not use the Product in a location subject to excessive inductive or power supply noise, such as in strong magnetic or electric fields.
  • Do not use the Product in a location where it would be subjected to strong UV light.
  • Do not use the Product in a location where it would be subjected to radiation.
  • Sufficiently evaluate the electrical characteristics of any connection to the Device.
  • Make sure to properly align the connectors when connecting them.
  • Avoid desorption of power supplied connectors as it will result in accidents.
  • Refer to the B5T-007001 Command Specifications document separately provided by OMRON for details on the interface specifications.
  • Never use benzene, paint thinner, or any other volatile cleaning solution, detergent, bleach or chemical washcloth for cleaning the Device.
  • Take in consideration heat dissipation from the Device when installing it in order to improve its long term reliability.
  • Install the Device sufficiently far away from any other surrounding charged parts.
  • Install the Device making sure not to obstruct the camera detection range.
  • Use transparent materials to cover and protect the front of the lens should it be in contact with hands or objects.
  • Remove the lens protective seal before use (B5T-007001-010).
  • Remove the lens protective cover before use (B5T-007001-020).
  • Do not touch the camera module.
  • The Product performs detection on images. As such, note that it may sometimes detect objects other than living bodies, such as photographs or posters.
  • Note that since the Product uses a camera for detection, successful detection may not be possible due to light orientation, brightness or exposure issues.
  • Make sure to reset the Product before using it again following a power interruption or failure.
  • Restart or reset the Device if data is received improperly.
  • Cutting or losing power to the Device while saving the Album on the flash ROM may destroy the Album data saved on it. As such, make sure to take a backup of the Album data on the Host device. Refer to the B5T-007001 Command Specifications document for details.
  • Do not use the USB and UART connection method simultaneously.
  • Do not remove the FFC connection between the main board and the camera board, and do not alter the configuration of the combination.
  • When using the USB connector, note that the bus power may not be properly powering the Device depending on the computer USB port used. In such case, use a device like a selfpowered hub with an AC adaptor.


  • USB Driver
  • USB Driver Installation manual [ win10 | Win7, 8, 8.1 ]
  • Sample codes [ for C | for C# | for Python | for Android ]
  • Evaluation Software
  • Evaluation Software manual